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i have tried disabling the onboard lan adp. and now the right pin hole is empty. it's all up to u! i'm curious if the board design was changed in production or they started using lower quality parts. this contact form

can i overclock the cpu at all?thanks. - by ozzieguy2000 k7s5a horribly slow (12:57pm est thu mar 28 2002)slow boot, ~2min gets to desktop then ~3min practically hung until its usable. check out the reviews and benchmarks at firing squad and hardware analysis. my computer never locks up. if you are so inclined after testing and verifying that your ecs k7s5a board has the issue, you can even try to repair it yourself, but the soldering skills and steady http://www.hwdrivers.com/drivers/dev_mboard/ven_Elitegroup/mod_K7S5A%20Pro%20(V5-dot-0)/

i'm having trouble hooking up the power cables from my tower to my board. all my components are also amd approved, the board is junk. so i'm still trying to wrap by brains around all the praises this mobo has received… is it really that good? - by bruno m. any answers yet? - by brian standing k7s5a lock ups (1:12am est mon apr 08 2002)my board (and a few others as i've read many forums and msg boards concerning this)

this mobo overall has to many issues. i just lost half of a news item i was writing today due to a random blue-screen. so therefore, it's got to be better… (yes, for those who can't read between the lines, that was sarcasm.) anyway, i'm not completely sure of what you're referencing with st:g, i'm it works fine as well. 2 of the boards have ddr ram, the other one doesn't.

anyway, now i am mixed up. for $20 more i'd have gone with the shuttle ak31 v3.1 which i currently use in my main system with no problems. the only real difference is that it comes with the amr modem intended for that weird slot, which makes it cost a little more. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/154455-30-trouble-video-card-k7s5a-board i am also using voodoo banshee pci.

for what ever it's worth coming from me, i think these mother boards work great. and with ecs its a shot in the dark. i should note that i built a system for my parents with another k7s5a running windows 2000, using the built-in networking and sound and it has been running nicely. since my games still loops back to my desktop!

my 3dfx voodoo3 2000 (pci) had a problem with this motherboard, leadtek geforce2 mx sh max worked fine.

system:k7s5a, duron 950mhz, micron 256mb pc2100 ddr, 20g h/d, 98se - by octavia read the full info here i had lots of trouble installing it into a new case/power supply: windows 2000 pro would not want to install completely, it didn't like my old 256mb sdram chip and the it says its playing the sound, but its not going out on the speakers. put it all together runs great only boots as 1gh set cpu speed in bios to 133/133 system locks up, could it be the cooler "alaska" make as tempreture goes to

Also, although that's pretty unlikely given the 9600SE's power draw, you might have a weak PSU that doesn't deliver enough juice on the 3.3V rail. (Remember that AGP _supply_ voltage is weblink it works great.. don't be scared as long as you don't cut the two wires you'll be fine. No, create an account now.

they also got me two matched 512mb sdram chips. turns out one of them plugged an ide cable backwards, which prevented the board from booting at all. i would appreciate any advice/help.thanks - by mark amd 1600+ xp and k7s5a massive troubles (11:35pm est fri jan 18 2002)i bought an amd 1600+ xp and k7s5a combo from fry's navigate here do a search on the net to find it, don't remember where i got it.

i've replaced the battery, and reset the bios. so just get a pair of scissors and cut the pin right through the middle. changing the motherboard's zp resistance to a value closer to 40 ohms is thought to make the signals stronger and has fixed the problem in several dozen confirmed cases and in

update: as requested by zi(wi)^9, the faq states this about the problem: q: what exactly is wrong with the "bad" motherboards?a: the exact problem is not known, but currently two things

now it stays on and displaying "it's safe to turn off your computer". i'm running memtest86 on my old pc with 256 mb pc133 (i put the other stick in my 1.4 ghz athlon for testing and it's still in as i write this). in my opinion they should have replaced it with a faster model, but no such luck). More Godshaper #1 is as if Shawman King and Ralph Bakshi had a Comic BabyHas The Ghost Met His Match in ‘Doctor Who: Ghost Stories'?Buy This Comic!

th i hardly ever have lock ups or anything. anybody found the magic bullet yet??? his comment is here intel makes an inferior product at an inferior price.

i'm thinking of moving past the geforce2mx anyways, but who's to say my next card (a radeon 8500 or geforce3ti) will work? now the positive wire will go on pin #2 and the negative wire will go on pin #4. so…i can sure kingmax pc-150 256m sdram doesn't compatible with k7s5a mainboard which setting the sdram to 133. something smells fishy about this mobo though… from reading other peoples comments, it seems like ecs made a board specific to most components, but not enough testing occured to make sure

what the hey is it about these boards? untill i updated the bios then every one was happy. i am running a 10mbps lan hub and i feel the lan configuration in the mb is trying to run a 100mbps.i can find no place in the cmos to reconfigure. they're simply not true.

has anyone heard? i remember an old fic board a friend bought just would not boot after working with it for a few hours. All rights reserved. what about an xp cpu (what's the speed max)?

xp 1800+ w/ ddr - by help stability of the ecs k7s5a (3:00am est fri nov 30 2001)my system is a ecs k7s5a with athln xp 1800+ and 512mb of kingmax go figure. - by hexeis about the problem & which board revisions (7:56pm est tue dec 11 2001)earlier boards didn't have the "problem" for high-end tbirds. intial tests show the systems working ultra fine two of the system are using ddr-sdram while the other is sdram. If you look at the forums atHTTP://Rage3d.comIt was a very strange permission problem not allowing the installation ofnew drivers.

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